The Stainless Steel Millennium Water Filtration System transforms untreated tap water into crystal clear, better tasting water for you and your family! This filter connects easily to your existing kitchen faucet. The Stainless Steel Millennium Water Filter is a great way to eliminate the inconvenience and expense of purchasing bottled water on a continuous basis. You will notice an improvement in the taste of all foods and drinks prepared with filtered water.

Simplicity- The Stainless Steel Millennium Water Filter is as simple to maintain as it is to operate. The reinforced polymer housing simply unthreads and exposes the cartridge for easy replacement. The Stainless Steel Millennium Water Filter features a 10 micron solid carbon block cartridge for exceptional chlorine and particulate reduction performance. A variety of cartridges are available depending upon local water conditions. Cartridges changes are recommended every six months to insure maximum filtration performance.

An Attractive Addition To Your Kitchen- Designed with surgical stainless steel, The Stainless Steel Millennium Water Filtration System compliments the modern kitchen, including today's state-of-the-art Waterless and Nutritional Stainless Steel Cookware. Also available in an under the counter model.

Screw-Lock Cartridge- The fail proof, secure screw-lock cartridge is designed to ensure 100% water contact with the cartridge and guaranteed against by-pass for highly effective filtration.

Uses and Applications

• Drinking Water, Coffee, and Tea, Fruit Juice concentrate
• Ice Cubes
• Soup preparations, Pasta and Rice dishes
• Fruit and Vegetable preparation
• Formula preparation for infants
• Pets and Aquariums
• Plants/Fresh Flowers
• Made in the USA

  • Better quality water, filtered and enriched 24 hours a day
  • More convenient than buying bottled water
  • Medium and long-term economic value
  • The filters and units can be replaced
  • Easy to install
  • 15-year limited warranty
  • It can also be installed under counter by using the installation kit * (Sold separately)

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